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ANACON Technology is a small company with great products and visions.

Our greatest personal satisfaction comes from that big grin on a gutarists face when he plays one of our amps and just can't stop playing and smiling.

  Our Philosophy  
Imagine this: You're a guitarist. You return home one evening from a nice romantic dinner and you find your house is on fire. What are the first objects you try to save? Right, your favorite guitar and amp. Because no amount of insurance compensation can recreate the symbiotic relationship you have with your instrument. (We are not selling insurance policies) The sensation of oneness with your instrument which allows you to reach magic moments when everything falls into place, the guitar in your hands feeling organic and alive, the sound emanating from the speakers hits your spine and turns you on and the music you make rockets you sky high! THIS is irreplaceable.

  Biofeedback and music making  

Is it possible to explain in engineering terms what I just described above? If so, is it possible to apply these insights to the design of a guitar amplifier? I believe so. What we witness when great music is being made is a totally closed biofeedback loop consisting of the guitar, amplifier, loudspeaker, the PLAYER and his MIND. All these elements influence each other with musician's mind being the main control element. As in all chains there's always a weak link. Most often it is the amplifier. Otherwise why would thousands of guitarists spend years in search of just The Amplifier with The Tone? Biofeedback techniques have been used for many years in various clinical applications and are in themselves nothing new. Seeing biofeedback in action in music making is a new insight. Can it be applied to amplifier design? If yes, then how?


At ANACON Technology we apply knowledge of the biofeedback mechanism and control systems theory to design guitar amplifiers that give the player full control over his tone and which are not limited to just a few flavors of one characteristic tone.

I have always wondered why most vacuum tube guitar amp makers, be they big names or small boutique amp builders - with a small number of noteworthy exceptions -  persist in using same old circuits over and over again. Of course, changing a component value here and there and adding or removing a gain stage does have a more or less significant effect on the tone and sound but still leaves the guitarist with the same original set of controls and their inherent limitations.

What if we:

  • approached the task of designing a vacuum tube guitar amplifier from scratch?
  • began by identifying the key parameters defining the tone and sound?
  • could make each of these parameters adjustable?
  • gave the guitarist full control over these parameters?

Wouldn't it make it easier to close the loop so that what the player hears in his mind and what reaches his ears are the same? - Well, about 4 years ago I decided to design a guitar amplifier that would do just that.


Ever greater numbers of guitarists work hard on creating their own tone palette to expand their range of musical expression. They do not limit themselves to any particular tone template but look for an amplifier that will be as flexible in tone shaping capability as they are in musical expressiveness. The TUBEWONDER was created with all these musicians in mind , including You.

TUBEWONDER is a result of work of passion. I hope You will be as passionate playing it as I was designing it.

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