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  Our suppliers  

Lynx Audio
Guilherme Peregrini & his enthusiastic team at Lynx Audio have supported us from the beginning with transformers custom made to our specifications.

Strandbergs Snickeri AB
All amp and speaker cabs are made by these highly skilled and serviceminded guys. Just talk to Jesper about anything you may need made of wood.

Per Stålfors Foto

All product photos are by Per Stålfors, a very talented swedish photographer and a fine guitar player as well.

  With a Little Help From My Tubewonder Friends  

London Power
What Kevin O'Connor of London Power doesn't know about tube guitar amplifiers is most probably not worth knowing. And he likes my amps which makes him a great guy but don't just take my word for it, check out his website and his The Ultimate Tone (TUT) books.

Vintage Vibe
Jan Jonsson "Janjo" of Vintage-Vibe was the first beta-tester of the Tubewonder prototype. A fine guitarist in his own right, his meticulous approach and great ear were invaluable in perfecting the Tubewonder. He is also an amp restorer  par excellence so if you want to bring that vintage amp of yours back to mint condition he's your man.

Owe Johnsson - Amp Healer
Does your amp suffer from hum, buzz and a general case of bad behaviour ? Let Owe perform his "Healer Magic" - he won't only cure the symptoms but will remove the bad spell permanently. Owe also has a keen ear and was very helpful with his insights and advice on voicing the Tubewonder in the early development stages.

UGG - Ultimate Guitar Gear
Anders, Fred and Ulf at UGG are some heavy duty guitar players. And they play real heavy duty guitars and amps. They also publish tests and reviews of their equipment after they've played with it for a considerable amount of time. If you're looking for an honest unbiased opinion about some esoteric guitar gear then a visit to their website is a must. I'm almost embarassed to add that they too were involved in the developemnt of Tubewonder amps as test guitarists.

Soultool Guitars

Egon Rauscher in Switzerland builds these beautiful instruments with love and passion. We shared a booth at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2006 & 2007. Tubewonder & Soultool = a perfect match!

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